Friday, December 25, 2009

emoh si YDNAS

Sandy is home, from Australia!

LOL. I have chocoloates! Thank you! I know you love me. LOL

We ate at the busiest place on Earth, North Park--- 3 months of having lunch at NP Market Market, and the regular dinners at Wai Ying or Ying Ying, didn't made me hate the food, but still (little) crave. They all love my favorite Salted Garlic Squid.

This is the Salted Garlic Squid, while chewing, they kept on saying, "Masarap"

Am allergic to shrimp, but still.
Obviously, we gossiped, all about Sandy and Australia, and the people here, and what we do now, after two years.

It was like there's no tomorrow, we end up closing North Park. LOL. Good thing the malls are closing this holiday at 12m.n.