Sunday, December 06, 2009

二嫂 ErSao Taiwan Galore

After the Badminton practice today, the group felt hungry and decided to go to Causeway (before that, Jim, me and Steve were already talking about food in Binondo and Banawe). Unfortunately, as always--- Causeway is as jam-packed as ever, no parking--- so lucky for Jim--- he was looking for authentic Taiwanese resto, that's why we landed here at 二嫂 ErSao, the best authentic Taiwanese Resto in town (or so they say). It has branches in J.Abad Santos, SM Sta.Mesa, and in Banawe and I think one in Binondo.

Jim the lucky one and an ErSao virgin! (like me*about the ErSao Virgin) Enjoying his Pearl Milk Tea! Look at him, I think he was kinda jumpy that we end up here. He really liked it. And here's the noodle dish recommended to him by the girl in the cashier.

Was all gone after some chat.
Steven also ordered one (Sorry Steve, LOL, blurred photo).

Steve is the Master Badminton Kid--- trained in Beijing for some months.

Here's mine, Taro Milk Tea--- not that bad, but Quickly 快可立 is better, and I also order Fried Dumplings. Okay here's the thing--- it's not what it looks like in the menu (bad advertising, I forgot what advertising crime they did, I guess it's the label thing that it misleads?!). It looks like a day old chick. Aww.

I did not enjoy the dumplings, it was not what I expected, --- the shell tasted like coal (it's like me who cooked it) --- sunog--- but i like that it's veggie filling and not the pork, but ofcourse nothing can beat the Tasty Dumplings of Binondo or the Gyoza of Yoshinoya!

But let's give them the benefit of the doubt, LOL, let's try other dish next time, maybe the steamed one?! LOL.

So, okay! Mr. Nice let's do this again next next next week?!

Mr. Nice with his friend, Mimi? Nikki? (Sorry I am so bad with names)
Update: Stephanie is her name.