Monday, December 28, 2009

Year Ends, Sale Begins

Okay this is my most awaited time of the year, please don't disappoint me (boutiques, shops, warehouses, factory outlets and the likes).
Photo Credit: Luxury Obsessed

I want a blue pants, like those above. Got a green one, last week, at Mango (okay, it's a girl trouser, it takes a man to slip into a woman's clothes. LOL) for half its price. Mom paid for it, so it's just fine (but still it's half the price!). I look at it now and it looks like my uniform back in highschool.

It's better in person. Trouser Chino.
It has a nice sheen (probably because it's 60+% polyester) I hope it doesn't fade out after few washes. I plan to pair it with my sister's Astroboy T-shirt. (remember Jerry Yan in MG), and my silver Kartel pointed shoes.

Made in USA, but I doubt, they bought it in DV 168 Mall.
I want a new bag, I saw a nice one at Zara, but it cost PhP4,000.00+, I'm done buying bags priced at thousands so, maybe I'll just wait, or maybe not, --- see you tomorrow bag. LOL

Burberry S/S2010. It's called the Harwood, retails for £1095.
Photo Credit: My Many Bags

And I want a pin?! like the one that Christopher Bailey is holding, not the MBE pin, but I saw this pin at Rustan's D&G section, but they don't have it individually, it's pinned in a large duffle bag. (so, you see I need to buy the bag first to get my hands on the pin).

I also need to find my perfect khaki pants. hmm.

Not like this but better. hmm Red-ish in color, I can't explain.
Photo Credit: Yes Style

I am waiting for the Dimensione warehouse to open again for sale of the Suyen goods.