Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Update: Mano Po 6 Mother's Love 母愛

I was expecting too much. The movie failed me, ofcourse the first Mano Pos are still better. I was expecting a better, deeper story, because it's Sharon (SHARON, well I expected too much from a MEGA *). I am looking for something else, there are many stories you can tell about a mother (but maybe the story I was looking for didn't match a 2hrs movie length). The movie didn't even budge a tear out of my eyes.

It has the staple Chinese- Chinoy- Filipino stories, discrimination of Filipinos, discrimination of being half Filipino and half Chinese. I thought the movie really portrayed the life of the Chinese (particularly Chinoys-- thru Melinda Uy; a half Chinese [thru her mother Jin Feng 金風 (Boots Anson- Roa) :pronounced as chin fong, not gin feng as pronounced in the movie] and half Filipino thru a boy [don't know his name but I think it's one of the Roco twins]) here in the Philippines--- influential, rich, family oriented (but still, at times greedy and deceitful to family members), being a true friend (thru Melinda's best friend Vivian played by Kris Aquino). There's just one scene that I think shouldn't have landed in the story--- Melinda used her influence over the police and arrested Gino (Ryan Eigenmann) and twisted the story so he can't bail. I think that particular scene will just make the Filipinos hate the Chinese/ Chinoys more (don't deny it, know know there's hate). Yeah, but it really happens, so nevertheless just include it anyway. LOL. They all know, but you don't have to remind them.

All in all, it was a fine movie, I watched it because it has the title MANO PO in it.

Update: Well, the movie had some funny striking lines though. It came as a joke here in our house:
1. Nasan ang Pei Pa Kua ko!?!
2. Chit (It), Neng, Sa, Si, Go! You're time is up!