Thursday, December 31, 2009

Postura is Now Open

Classic how it may sound, the name POSTURA is derived from the Spanish word for Posture or Tindig in Filipino. Another reason is that the word POSTURA has this certain bearing or notion which means -having good/nice/neat clothes- "Posturang-postura siya…". -from Postura Clothing

For your classic pieces with modern flair, shop at Postura.
Here are the first collection of Postura Clothing, modeled by Angelo Carandang and Rommel Alumia:

White Camisa de Chino cotton tee with ruffle details.

White Gusot Mayaman Polo with grey strips detailing.

Chinese Collar Stretch Polo with pin tuck detailing and Flap Pockets in Blue Green.

Swiss Cotton Polo Shirt with pin tucks and snap button details in Midnight Blue and it
Comes with a detachable button Broach

 These pieces are very versatile, you can wear it in formal events, office or in parties, just like the women's 8 to sawa clothes (day to night). Now if yu have a taste for something different, unique--- go shop at Postura Clothing, it's just one click away.

Young Victoria

Photo Credit: impawards
Recently saw the movie, Young Victoria. The movie told not just the story of Queen Victoria, but the story of every girl, every woman--- the desire to be a princess, and the desire to be threated not just a woman, but a woman of capability. She is all about equality--- as seen through her (with her husband Prince Albert) projects for the poor and working class and how to enhance their situation. The movie is a reality of a perfect fairytale, eventhough she faced unpopularity sometime in her reign, she still managed to pass that thru a marriage, true love (yet atleast that's what the movie was showing) and maybe then it was a very nice escape, and politically it seems quite a good event to take away people's attention to whatever the other issue was and focus on more chessy things (maybe it didn't happen like that, but still).

Photo Credit: thegreenwichphantom
It's hard to believe, that true love can exist in a world of power. The life of Victoria, the Queen, showed that monarchy, being a queen, is not just glits and glamour, it is a responsibility.

About the acting, Emily Blunt, did it really well! From the devil's assistant to becoming a young Queen, she made a long jump, but well I can't imagine anyone to do the role better than she did. I really felt the love and conviction of every words they utter to each other. I imagined Victoria to be that stiff but still sweet.

Photo Credit:

For the costumes! Wuhoo! I remember those laces, I imagined them perfectly just like that.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Update: Mano Po 6 Mother's Love 母愛

I was expecting too much. The movie failed me, ofcourse the first Mano Pos are still better. I was expecting a better, deeper story, because it's Sharon (SHARON, well I expected too much from a MEGA *). I am looking for something else, there are many stories you can tell about a mother (but maybe the story I was looking for didn't match a 2hrs movie length). The movie didn't even budge a tear out of my eyes.

It has the staple Chinese- Chinoy- Filipino stories, discrimination of Filipinos, discrimination of being half Filipino and half Chinese. I thought the movie really portrayed the life of the Chinese (particularly Chinoys-- thru Melinda Uy; a half Chinese [thru her mother Jin Feng 金風 (Boots Anson- Roa) :pronounced as chin fong, not gin feng as pronounced in the movie] and half Filipino thru a boy [don't know his name but I think it's one of the Roco twins]) here in the Philippines--- influential, rich, family oriented (but still, at times greedy and deceitful to family members), being a true friend (thru Melinda's best friend Vivian played by Kris Aquino). There's just one scene that I think shouldn't have landed in the story--- Melinda used her influence over the police and arrested Gino (Ryan Eigenmann) and twisted the story so he can't bail. I think that particular scene will just make the Filipinos hate the Chinese/ Chinoys more (don't deny it, know know there's hate). Yeah, but it really happens, so nevertheless just include it anyway. LOL. They all know, but you don't have to remind them.

All in all, it was a fine movie, I watched it because it has the title MANO PO in it.

Update: Well, the movie had some funny striking lines though. It came as a joke here in our house:
1. Nasan ang Pei Pa Kua ko!?!
2. Chit (It), Neng, Sa, Si, Go! You're time is up!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am watching this Korean series now, Heading to the Ground, and I'm just hooked. (actually I just finished)

Here's episode 10 where Bong Goon, played by U know Yoon Ho,
and Hae Bin played by Go Ah Ra, danced to win the laptop prize.

Go Ah Ra and U Know Yoon Ho (DBSK)
Go Ah Ra, sometimes resembles Grace Lee (but Grace has bigger boobs) --- brown eyes, ofcourse Korean fresh skin---

Innocent, but sexy.
Photo Credit: Asian Gallery Club

Can also be elegant and sophisticated.
She's really preeeettty. I will marry her.
Photo Credit: Star East Asia
The series is nice--- mixture of sports action (I'm sure it will be a hit here, moreso for the football fans), comedy and romance, light drama, nothing too heavy--- but always the kilig factor. It's also good that they paired up good looking individuals. It's okay to say that U Know Yoon Ho is also good looking, not bad at all (not too handsome, just right to make it realistic, LOL, okay okay don't murder me DBSK fans). You'll be disappointed in the end because that's what Korean series always do--- disappoint you in the end.

Chapsuey Calling Cards

Looks nice don't you think? (cutting marks still intact)
You can call my sister, if you want catering. She is training at Diner and was a graduate of MIHCA. She loves Koreans--- Korean men food. She prepared a Korean dish called Chapje?! Chap Che, for our angkong's birthday--- and he loves it.

Balenciaga Biker Bag

Photo Credit: Handbag Heaven
Knock off version--- by Broad Ripple, is selling for $43.56, not bad. The item looks good in pictures, the lining looks polished, not like those of the real fake versions. *Follow the link if you want to purchase.

Catch me in N.Y.

Oh the song is so true. I love it.
I love Alicia Keys but she looks funny while playing the Yamaha piano. LOL
+ Magalona siblings sang this, --- I was imagining the same scene, with my friends. LOL

And then came the Sex and the City 2--- Love it and more love to the BG music on the first part of the trailer.

OKAY, excessive use of LOL, please forgive me.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Etiquette: On Treating

Added me an hour ago.
I just thought that she was pretty. I usually ignore invites coming for people that I don't know.--- I was right, she was JUST pretty. LOL

First, you don't asked to be treated. You should be asked to be treated. There's a difference.
So, then you were asked, you don't order yourself, unless you were told to order by yourself.
Finally, you must be at some level or degree of friendship (or atleast if you are comfortable with the person--- this are for persons you treat) before you accept being treated, and also to treat a person. You can always refuse to be treated (that is if you're not yet at a level that you think you should be doing so). In Chinese, or so my great-grandma told my dad, that you should not refuse money or food, but I think there are exemptions. You don;t want to look like a PG, do you? Have some pride.

I treat friends whenever I enjoyed the company, I don't allow them to treat me--- that's bad I guess, so sometimes I let them.

Year Ends, Sale Begins

Okay this is my most awaited time of the year, please don't disappoint me (boutiques, shops, warehouses, factory outlets and the likes).
Photo Credit: Luxury Obsessed

I want a blue pants, like those above. Got a green one, last week, at Mango (okay, it's a girl trouser, it takes a man to slip into a woman's clothes. LOL) for half its price. Mom paid for it, so it's just fine (but still it's half the price!). I look at it now and it looks like my uniform back in highschool.

It's better in person. Trouser Chino.
It has a nice sheen (probably because it's 60+% polyester) I hope it doesn't fade out after few washes. I plan to pair it with my sister's Astroboy T-shirt. (remember Jerry Yan in MG), and my silver Kartel pointed shoes.

Made in USA, but I doubt, they bought it in DV 168 Mall.
I want a new bag, I saw a nice one at Zara, but it cost PhP4,000.00+, I'm done buying bags priced at thousands so, maybe I'll just wait, or maybe not, --- see you tomorrow bag. LOL

Burberry S/S2010. It's called the Harwood, retails for £1095.
Photo Credit: My Many Bags

And I want a pin?! like the one that Christopher Bailey is holding, not the MBE pin, but I saw this pin at Rustan's D&G section, but they don't have it individually, it's pinned in a large duffle bag. (so, you see I need to buy the bag first to get my hands on the pin).

I also need to find my perfect khaki pants. hmm.

Not like this but better. hmm Red-ish in color, I can't explain.
Photo Credit: Yes Style

I am waiting for the Dimensione warehouse to open again for sale of the Suyen goods.

George Craig of Burberry

Roro! Here's the guy you were asking me about. He's George Craig, lead singer of the band, One Night Only and he also yeah modeled for burberry prorsum fall winter 2009 and spring summer 2010.

Photo credit: 00o00

He was also named as British' top 50 best dressed men in 2009. Cool, huh?!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Going Down

LOL, I'm going down, just for not writing for days. Huhuhu. Need to fix SEO. LOL

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Special

The Christmas Tree at Lydia- Inday's house

One of our dining chair at home.
Christmas has always been a gastronomic job for us. Never-ending dining at tables starts at 08:00pm of December 24 (and 12mn for noche buena) at our own round antique dining table, decorated with Christmas-y table mantle/cloth (which by the way could be there for the whole year or half, if mom remembers to change). At this time, preparation for 12:00mn is being done, along with eating dinner, if some of the dishes are available immediately--- you can chew away. This year (well most of the time) we had carbonara, menudo, fruit salad, among others.

Where the hell is my gift?

These kids are the works. LOL. They love the camera, or they're just Filipinos.

Mom, Lydia, Inday, and Issel. Okay tuck in the fats. LOL

Don't be all too serious. Smile smile. Dad, mom, Lydia, Nonong, Issel and Inday.

 Glittering shoes.

It's 4:00pm already good bye (Sorry got blurred, was walking out backwards)

At 12:00nn of December 25, we go to mom's friends’ house, Lydia and Inday, to have our lunch, and the annual Escolta-days-round of stories from my mom and Lydia (they were officemates). And then around 04:00pm, we go to my grandma’s house to feast on our favorite seafood dishes.

Did little grocery shopping before going to grandma's.

Lots of people at the mall, listening to the choir, at SM North EDSA.
 This year we had extraordinary dishes at grandma's, literally, that we don't know how to call some of it.

Steamed Maya-maya (doesn't look really tasty, but I think it is) was made into a pulutan by my uncles.

This is grilled, hmm, Embutido?!

The staple Leche Flan.

This is unknown.

Left is the Rebusadong Hipon, if that's what it's called, and then right is the Caldereta.

This is our favorite, Adobong Pusit.

Homemade Hamon by Auntie Susan.
There are few other dishes that I wasn't able to take picture of like, the famous Kare-kare, Chicken Joy (product of uncle Noel Ariel), the Spaghetti (that first landing into our stomach, because rice was not yet ready). Speaking of spaghetti:

I think he is ready for his spaghetti commercial.

I say these kids are really growing too fast, they move like old people, they know what they want. LOL

When it's time for the money-gift giving everyone is in the puppy-look mode.

Grandma handing out hundreds?!PhP500.00?

Woops, wrong picture, yeah they all left their plates.

This picture would have a nice VO, like this:
(Evil laugh) Mwahahaha, I have paldo.

Gio: Mainggit ka ate, I have lots of money.
Joyce: Poor me.

My Tito Bebot (Noel Ariel) handing me some money.
Here I give you all of this.

Jorelle: Did you catch me?
Me: I wasn't aim for you. I was aiming for:

I was aiming for this, the evidence.

Okay there, but still haven't catched you, out of focus.

As soon as the money-gift giving is finished, back to eating!

Jill slicing the ham (it's her cheat day, she doesn't eat meat meat, only chicken and fish)

Say AHH.

Okay Joyce hiding while eating the whole Leche Flan, so much for dieting huh. LOL

Hmm. the Embutido wrap, for a shoe?! nice one Jill. Oh and plus the Chanel.
To end the night.
We haven't had a family picture for years, well I think because inspite of a number of us have DSLRs, we lack the wideangle lens. LOL. We don't fit the frame.

Count it, 12 siblings plus a ton of kids. Merry Christmas! See you next year!