Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nuffnang E- Card

Nuffnang greetings, in a form of an e- card sent to my mail. Funny!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back at UST

After looking for stuff to use for Katz' teaser ads, we met Janel in UST and run across this big UST sign that was there forever (since we were seniors), and took the chance to take a picture and pose with it, since we hadn't done that before.
Janel, Katz and me, alternately pose.

After looking for stuff at SM San Lazaro supermarket, we then decided to check out Cash and Carry's grocery for the vegetables.
Then we headed to Bonifacio High Street (there were two choices, Rockwell and High Street, well I chose High Street).

Tomato: Post Christmas Photoshoot

I am super excited about this photo shoot for my friend, Katz' thesis: Tomato.

It was exciting because it involves fashion. Photoshoot, kikay stuff! Posh-ness, and a lot of pouting!
Katz rented Indios Bravos multimedia studio for the shoot (the studio where I also did my photshoot).
We (Katz and me) did the shopping of the clothes in 168 mall, and came up with a really fab clothes.

Here are Janel, the make up artist and the two models.

The models: Dea, Auds and Mafe.

Auds have a material girl moment.

Mafe talking to the tomato.

Janel and Katz: Smiling while sleeping.

After the photoshoot, we headed out to Glorietta to watch a movie! But we went to Greenbelt first to take a bite of our favorite: Bubba Gump!

We ordered our favorite Cajun Shrimp---
And Pingpong Chicken--- which has a new name (I forgot).

In the end, there are only plates and no nothings.
Yum Yum!
Then, we watched Shake Rattle and Roll X. The movie was a mix of great acts and boring ones: Sorry Roxanne, you still need to attend few more workshops. The Class Picture part is the best, --- so scary that everyone screamed at the sight of a student with chalk in her mouth. The last part is a so -- so, nevertheless it's still better than of Roxanne's, it's Marian's (I'm not a Marian Fan, okay?) Nieves: Ang Engkantalariya.
Katz and Me
Janel and Me
Janel and Katz
Who told you the photo shoot was over?!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Reunion

We had our lunch at my mom's friend, Tita Lydia aka Kris Aquino. Very kikay, which also wears gladiator sandals like us. It's my shobe, me, and Tita Lydia below.

After our lunch at Tita Lydia's, we went to Eternal Gardens to visit Ahma and Gwangkong's grave and some of my father's friend's graves.

Then we headed to Gwama's house in Malabon. Another shelf for the Buddhas was built during the renovation and yes, we gave her another Buddha to add to her collection.

Mom and Dad smuching. lol
Me waiting for the Kare- kare with Tita Vivian chopping the sitaw (string beans).
Ronwald, in smug--- was not given a present.
The tres marias of Tita Miriam chatting about... anything?And the girls... girly talk!
The reunion was very fun, as if we never see each other once in a while--- we always have chikas to share!

Christmas Break

This year was a great year for me, I landed on a job, very unexpectedly--- if there is such a word. After bashing the President of the company, it created an impression of me at the office as an assertive person (my parents and maybe the university molded me as such--- not to hold back any of my opinion) --- and who can really speak tactlessly.
I gained new friends, learned new things, and earned money. lol
I hope to see more and experience more development in the coming years.
Let's see... closer... closer... there!
Clearly, I was very very humbled by the thought of EBR (the one who I almost hated forever--- the person who I will most learn pala in the end) affirming that--- "You did a great job" (meaning I did a great job) (I don't remember if that was the exact words--- but word 'great' was there for sure).

I hope to do great things, greater things next year.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dayo at SM Megamall

My first time since my last time during my recruitment days.

The movie is fantabulous, though I fell asleep between scenes. Creative story--- worthy for Dayo 2.

Wishlist: One Down

Pointed Oxford shoes from Traffic by Kartel.
After my morning depression, I was eager to buy this. I was disappointed not to see it on the shelf, luckily I asked the sales lady, and saw the pair at the counter top.


I think I need a professional help, my brain can't stop from thinking, it just think, and think and think. It won't stop. It won't stop, it just think, and not feel. I am not anywhere near any state of happiness, before with just a little purchase, everything's okay, but a recent little purchase didn't do, might as well any purchase.

I wish I can just sleep and wake up not thinking, and not knowing anything to think of. Every morning it starts with a stressful ride on the MRT, everyday the operator would shout to the passengers to avoid pushing, refrain from force opening the door. It is just sick that people won't listen, it's everyday for the love of God, can't they just be humans for a second.

That's just not it, everything contributes to what I am thinking, about life, how to live. Life has been lived by humans many many centuries already but why can't we make it perfect, why is it always has to be a trial and error. Is it really worth to live a life? When in the end you'll just die like anyone else. I have lost believing in life, and what lies ahead, what it would offer. Is this really what God want us to experience? Am I thinking to much? If I am not to think what would I become? The thing that I fear the most is being unable, maybe, but well I don't know.

Hypocrites would probably advise me to pray, but that's just not enough, everything boils down to what I must do, what should be done, it's not just--- pray, then everything will happen, voila! God needs action.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cool Ads

It means that it really works right?, I mean taste like.

Project Look

Look for next year. Karl Lagerfeld's inspiration--- old english. Kate and Leopold type.


Well, a Mui Mui vintage bag would be perfect, or any vintage designer bag for that matter, but this one is nice, supple and looking o'll so vintagely classic.

Oxford shoes from Gucci, or something like this, I saw one in Traffic, it's like the one BJ Pascual is wearing, it's for P3,000.00+ cheap enough for me.

I recently got a new phone, E51, but I like this E71 phone, very Blackberry type, it has a big screen and you can use the wifi- internet easier.

A watch? Audemars- Piguet, yeah, I am not a watch addict but I like the luxury feel of the watch, maybe an IWC or Jaeger? the Ultra Thin one.

New gladiators maybe.

High cut rubber shoes--- Manny Pacquiao!
A million dollar account! well I can wish.

These are not all what I wish for, there's more at least not more material things. I wish for peace in the family, more so--- good health, everybody's dying in my family, who's next?

Outcomm 80s Bitchin' Party

Toast to Business Dev. Dept. and Nuffnang!

The Maintenance Team struting their stuff.

Admin's Team Arico Mamboing the way to the top.

Admin with Ms. Tec, Ms. Faith, Van and Red.

Sorry about the videos I was kind of dizzy from drinking too much of the Absolut. lol. The party was really nice, well, if it hadn't I got dizzy I would have enjoyed too the max. lol

I liked the Sales team's presentation, I think it's well rehearsed, and choreographed.

The NLEX Team! Go! Go! Go!

Highstreet High

A typical day at the office, suddenly got people into their feet when ever there are celebrities shooting movies, or TVC near.

This particular photos were taken during a shoot of Desperadas 2--- starring Ruffa, Ruffa Mae, Issa, Marian, and Ogie.

The movie opens this December 25.