Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tomato: Post Christmas Photoshoot

I am super excited about this photo shoot for my friend, Katz' thesis: Tomato.

It was exciting because it involves fashion. Photoshoot, kikay stuff! Posh-ness, and a lot of pouting!
Katz rented Indios Bravos multimedia studio for the shoot (the studio where I also did my photshoot).
We (Katz and me) did the shopping of the clothes in 168 mall, and came up with a really fab clothes.

Here are Janel, the make up artist and the two models.

The models: Dea, Auds and Mafe.

Auds have a material girl moment.

Mafe talking to the tomato.

Janel and Katz: Smiling while sleeping.

After the photoshoot, we headed out to Glorietta to watch a movie! But we went to Greenbelt first to take a bite of our favorite: Bubba Gump!

We ordered our favorite Cajun Shrimp---
And Pingpong Chicken--- which has a new name (I forgot).

In the end, there are only plates and no nothings.
Yum Yum!
Then, we watched Shake Rattle and Roll X. The movie was a mix of great acts and boring ones: Sorry Roxanne, you still need to attend few more workshops. The Class Picture part is the best, --- so scary that everyone screamed at the sight of a student with chalk in her mouth. The last part is a so -- so, nevertheless it's still better than of Roxanne's, it's Marian's (I'm not a Marian Fan, okay?) Nieves: Ang Engkantalariya.
Katz and Me
Janel and Me
Janel and Katz
Who told you the photo shoot was over?!