Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Reunion

We had our lunch at my mom's friend, Tita Lydia aka Kris Aquino. Very kikay, which also wears gladiator sandals like us. It's my shobe, me, and Tita Lydia below.

After our lunch at Tita Lydia's, we went to Eternal Gardens to visit Ahma and Gwangkong's grave and some of my father's friend's graves.

Then we headed to Gwama's house in Malabon. Another shelf for the Buddhas was built during the renovation and yes, we gave her another Buddha to add to her collection.

Mom and Dad smuching. lol
Me waiting for the Kare- kare with Tita Vivian chopping the sitaw (string beans).
Ronwald, in smug--- was not given a present.
The tres marias of Tita Miriam chatting about... anything?And the girls... girly talk!
The reunion was very fun, as if we never see each other once in a while--- we always have chikas to share!