Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Break

This year was a great year for me, I landed on a job, very unexpectedly--- if there is such a word. After bashing the President of the company, it created an impression of me at the office as an assertive person (my parents and maybe the university molded me as such--- not to hold back any of my opinion) --- and who can really speak tactlessly.
I gained new friends, learned new things, and earned money. lol
I hope to see more and experience more development in the coming years.
Let's see... closer... closer... there!
Clearly, I was very very humbled by the thought of EBR (the one who I almost hated forever--- the person who I will most learn pala in the end) affirming that--- "You did a great job" (meaning I did a great job) (I don't remember if that was the exact words--- but word 'great' was there for sure).

I hope to do great things, greater things next year.