Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chuck Taylor-ed

We had a recent meeting discussing about our manager's evaluation to our team, the powers above questioned it.

Well to my understanding of our meeting, it is just to really pump us to do more of what was expected and prove our worth for the said evaluation.

In fairness, everybody really worked hard this year to meet expectations, meet sales, meet whatever it is needed to finish.

I believe that, they can't really complain about my work, I developed/finished the job they wanted --- Spotlight Video Magazine-- during my first week at work, presented it to them, and gave thumbs up for an excellent job. I am an early bird every day, I do extra researches for enrichment, do extra things for them, though I don't have an offer letter yet until now-- 3 months already--- so I really won't know which is extra and which is not. lol

And with my stay here for three months already, as what I already said 'I am happy with what have become of my work, working atmosphere', it defied my disappointment. I want to thank EBR, GS, WHB, and GM for trusting me and giving me an opportunity to show the whole world my talent -- LED and Nuffnang materials, send my deepest gratitude to my co- workers for assisting and well, making my stay a fun one, surely not to compare with what might have been if I were to work in an ad agency, but nevertheless, it is still fun. Especially to Mark and Camille! my dinner dates when ever my friends back out on me. lol