Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back at UST

After looking for stuff to use for Katz' teaser ads, we met Janel in UST and run across this big UST sign that was there forever (since we were seniors), and took the chance to take a picture and pose with it, since we hadn't done that before.
Janel, Katz and me, alternately pose.

After looking for stuff at SM San Lazaro supermarket, we then decided to check out Cash and Carry's grocery for the vegetables.
Then we headed to Bonifacio High Street (there were two choices, Rockwell and High Street, well I chose High Street).


danes said...

hindi ka pa nagsawa sa High Street hehe

Charlie Chan said...

I think I don't... well hindi ko nga alam na sale pala sa dimensione, na lahat ng products ni ben hahaha