Sunday, December 21, 2008


Well, a Mui Mui vintage bag would be perfect, or any vintage designer bag for that matter, but this one is nice, supple and looking o'll so vintagely classic.

Oxford shoes from Gucci, or something like this, I saw one in Traffic, it's like the one BJ Pascual is wearing, it's for P3,000.00+ cheap enough for me.

I recently got a new phone, E51, but I like this E71 phone, very Blackberry type, it has a big screen and you can use the wifi- internet easier.

A watch? Audemars- Piguet, yeah, I am not a watch addict but I like the luxury feel of the watch, maybe an IWC or Jaeger? the Ultra Thin one.

New gladiators maybe.

High cut rubber shoes--- Manny Pacquiao!
A million dollar account! well I can wish.

These are not all what I wish for, there's more at least not more material things. I wish for peace in the family, more so--- good health, everybody's dying in my family, who's next?