Monday, December 01, 2008

Soda Man

Gold- digger in Red wanna- be

Went to Trinoma yesterday to witness my first SODA fashion show experience, thanks to my UST professor which owns the brand, Ms. Candice Bona. She's the mechandising manager and their family owns half (I think having the Sy- Bona business partnership?) of the Soda Clothing Inc.

It was raining but the show must go on, so we waited until the rain stopped.

The designs are, well, basics-- new colors, I think (I'm not familiar with the colors of Soda, I'm not a Soda man, I only have one Soda piece), as they put it, it was an H&M like take.

Seen their website, and I thought that it is has a potential, to be a global brand too like Bench.

Dennis Trillo is their current model/ endorser? People went gaga, when he appeared and in the act of taking off his jacket, which was the only thing he was wearing. He was nice enough to allow people for an photo op and autograph signing.

Ms. Candice showed me her renovated house! She promised a party this December.

I wish they'll sign a one year contract with Spotlight!


nikki said...

wow! i didn't know until now that she was a part owner of soda pala. love ka talaga nun. hanggang ngayon na-iisip kang imbitahin