Sunday, December 07, 2008

Retreat at Baliuag

I went to Baliuag with my aunt and cousin for a two day visit at our house there, to check the signages and fix things.
There's no TV or phone or whatever, just furnitures, no eletric things--- just one electric fan. So, imagine me without the computer, good thing I have my trusthy phones with me, to keep me connected to the civilization (well sane).
I busied myself with the extra work I brought with me from the office, collated the quotations from China for the LED, and then after finishing those, I decided to charge the PSP to play but then I wasn't that really into playing, so I gave it to my cousin. I indulged myself with the book, Twilight which I was slow-fully reading for the past weeks during my MRT rides going to the office. Well, I am not a fast reader, for one, because I am a visual person I like to pause and imagine the scene, I like seeing things from the book in the extent of tasting it, in a sense.
The book, really has more detail than the movie--- it made a movie in my mind so deatiled that I liked it more than the movie itself. But yeah, the hell, I still love how the movie was done, if it had been more intense, it will loose some of the conservative feel with it. The movie was fine. Characters are great.
Back to the Baliuag retreat, riding the tricycle in a semi- province was fun, their tricycles there are different from the ones in the Metro, it's bigger and has more gimmick with it. I still felt the simple- ness of the people around, going to church on Sundays, being conservative, and being overly friendly to people who they just met--- smiling so sheepishly unconvincing that they're smiling because they like you, I know they're smiling because you're a new guy and probably they'll make chismis after you leave.
All in all, it was a fun visit, I had time to read the book vainly, with body and soul into it. lol