Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Hopes

I hope I can blog more often than not. I hope that business will be better.
I hope everything will be brighter. LOL. I just hope everything goes into plan--- I hope I can make it go into what I plan.
It's been a good year! Everything just keeps on getting better.
I am happy to have met new people and reunite with family.
Photo from left to right (1) Papa, Kong William, Ya JR, Aco [Christmas 2010] (2) Kong William's Birthday with Auntie Aida and family [Coffee Origins] (3) Coffee (4) Choco [Oct 4 Dec 24] (5) GFAPY [on my first attempt to organize dinner] (6) Chef Robert and (7) Chef Aunt Elaine [at WOFEX] (8) WOFEX Exhibit with Glow

Sean O'Pry Blue!

Love the blue-ness + lush feel yet laid back.
Photo Credit: Kevin

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Russian Cookie Love

A great great find, I am not aware of the Russian Cookies at The Podium--- not until I saw them at Mercato, super nice how it is presented, very 'monarchic'?! very Marie Antoinette. And it doesn't taste that sweet, I love how it is not also very cookie-y, right bite, and pleasing pleasing to the eyes. You will not want to eat it.

This is my favorite one, chocolate outside and walnut surprise inside.
Well they all taste good, but am addicted to the sweet salty taste of the walnut.
Not a fan of almonds, so walnut it is.

Mercato Centrale Opening

This is a week overdue post. It is an early, super early, that I wasn't able to sleep, at 3 a.m. I have to be up.

Mercato is where you can do your palengke things in high heels and diamonds, don't forget about the bags--- and the hags. LOL.

Organic everything

Glow Coco Sugar Products

People crowding on the organic booth

And yes, you can bring your Hermes as your 'Bayong'

Celebs shop there too

Facade of Mercato Tent 1 with RJ Ladesma

Richmond with Jomar
And yes, that's it--- super good food are around, lots to buy, I can't be left here alone--- on that day itself, in a span of 10mins or so, I managed to burn 1,000+ peso.

Mercato Centrale is organized by OAP's Anton Diaz and Rache Uy-Diaz (fave person, really jolly), RJ Ladesma and Vanessa Ladesma, Gary Villanueva and Janice Villanueva of Creative Juice/ Mommy Mundo.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eve of Mercato

Just finishing some media kit for the opening of Mercato Centrale! I hope everything goes well later! See you at the Bonifacio High Street for a great tasting breakfast!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Life's been busy with

 Yes, events for Glow Coconut Sugar, and now with our new baby, CHOCOCO, your healthy chocolate drink. We sponsored the successful Coffee Origins (October 7, 2010) as sweetener supplier, to raise awareness of the organically grown coffee in the Philippines, plus along with it promoting organically, healthy coconut sugar, also locally produced. And then, along with Kitchen of Carla and Elaine's we also attended the very much awaited event for foodies--- UTT or the Ultimate Taste Test on their 5th to introduce the new addition to our product, Chococo: Your Healthy Chocolate Drink. I can say it's "unsinfully delicious"--- it's chocolate minus the guilt from the sugar, because it is sweetened by Glow Cocosugar.
With Richmond, and customers who bought (pakyaw)

With Jhoey of Pinoy Organics

Richmond and Chococo
And now, on November 21st, Mercato Centrale in Taguig will open the first ever market that's cool (literally because it has an air-conditioned tent), clean, comfortable and organized. Catering healthy and organic, innovative and great tasting food finds. It will be open starting November 21, at 6 a.m. and following weekends. See our poster for our schedule.
Hope to see you all, in our events--- this December there are 2 more that's on our calendar.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I. Am. Sorry.

For major abandonment of this blog as I am starting new sites like tumblr and still getting used to it, and thinking of actually buying a domain that can serve all my purpose--- more of a one stop thing.

You can visit my tumblr at the same time at Sorry for lack of post at --- reason--- because I rarely eat now. LOL.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shopping is the best cure

Okay after my incident last June 6, going out is really not an option LOL got so bored at home, doing geeky stuff the whole week. I want to breath beautiful things--- so I end up--- harassing my newly replaced BDO Platinum card (which byway, is really super fast with their replacement service, 3 days? or just 2, your replacement card is here already, super classy service).
It looks nice on actual, not leather, but feels leather.
It is a combination of leather and canvas, from MONDO (The Ramp) PhP1,350.00
But actually I know it's from HK, they just labelled it.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Globe Broadband Failed Me

Facebook won't open, Google won't load.
It's raining outside, and you're broke?!
WTH Globe!
I can't reach the world.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Blog Absence

Sorry for my super long blog absence, I was too busy to update things here, but here's a good news!
The wait is over, our website will be launched tomorrow! Wuhoo!
Actually there will be two sites, the first will be for everybody---
like the generally health conscious people, and for even the not so.
I hope your experience with/in the site would be nice---
informative and well I hope next time interactive too.
Here's the full range of products--- Glow coconut sugar and syrup.
It will be featured in our site.

Sex and the City 2

It's mesmerizing-ly beautiful, with all the fabulous clothes, Abu Dhabi, glamour--- it's a dream world.

It's the Gay-est movie ever! Just oh-so-fantastic, it left me dreaming--- of Abu Dhabi, shopping, and augh.

Nice gold sparkle-y Christian Louboutins. Love the gold glasses too.
(Below) Clothes really compliment their whole--- everything, super galing the stylist!
This scene is super fun, I'd like to do one here in Manila--- 
that is sing live and don't think at all of how I would sound.
Wala na akong masabi, speechless. Watch it, I'll watch it ten times and won't get used to the glam.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Webcam Whoring

Gawain ng walang magawa.
(Done out of boredom. *not direct translation)
I tried using the webcam, 'I am a webcam virgin' but not anymore. LOL. I wish they (Windows) have a better beta or imitation of Apple's Photobooth, but Snap will do (that is until I can find another one).

What a coincidence. LOL. While posting this on Facebook, this came as a security thing:

Monday, May 17, 2010

Caffe Ti Amo: Italian Gelato and Coffee

Definitely a bad post, I wasn't ready to do some food tripping yesterday, but it went something like that, from Chef Robert's to SM North EDSA's Caffe Ti Amo. I was already feeling so full, but the scent of creamy-ness invited me to try caffe Ti-amo's gelato, well, the inviting scent also comes from the coffee, which my shobe loves, but we didn't try that. We indulged ourselves with Milk Cheese and Tiramisu (Doppio Gelato size). Creamy but not so, you know it's heavy but not so, just on the right level between an ice-cream (commercial) and Hagen Danz, tolerable for me (doesn't really go and upset your stomach).

For the service part--- very perky staff, must be because of the Korean bosses, but yeah, perky and friendly, that goes to say, definitely Filipino hospitality is the best.

Will comeback soon!

Caffe Ti Amo will open at SM Manila on May 21, 2010. Soon in TriNoMa.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sana Maabot ko ang Mundo

Sa Globe Broadband service.

Let's see how it will work for the house. Today, Globe technicians arrived, after my application last Tuesday, and brought me some good and bad news--- bad news that the teller (whatever, officer) at Globe Business Center in N.EDSA was unable to read that my application was for 24 months (so I can get the WIFI router for free) and the good news--- I don't need the router because the technician recommended that I buy my own router--- Linksys or D-link, better WIFI routers that Prolink, so I don't need to be tied with Globe if ever their service fails me. So far after 3hours of using the wired broadband, seems fast, loads my websites okay. I guess this starts my love affair with Globe. I hope they come up with more perks. Wuhoo.

Greenwich Pizza Packaging

And then there was the fancy packaging of Greenwich pizza, by Team Manila. Hmm. Made it look delectable but not as much, but the packaging helped.
Pardon my E71 camera phone for the blurred image.
Very creative execution, rendered version of a pizza by Team Manila.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'll Die Now

If I'll reincarnate as Sean O'pry.
Maybe I want to be white for one day, just for one day. Models look so. model-y?! They look, a-okay, even with just a round neck shirt, and a denim.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Posh Movie: A Single Man

Directed by Tom Ford. Posh. That explains it all.
Photo Credit: witneyman
Set in 70s era, I think the fab-est in fashion, the chic-est men were born in this time. Tom Ford did a great job interpreting the novel, not mannered-manner, but in something that would leave you thinking, still using your imagination.

Very nice casting, leaving you in a Tom-Ford-awe. The movie was like a catwalk.
Photo Credit: sundaymercury
Nicholas Hoult's blue eyes would melt you.
Photo Credit: screencraze
Momma Julia's look defined the women of 70s
To see the official trailer click here.

People Voted for Noy because

Many people voted for Noynoy Aquino, because of Kris---

Because of Kris' promise to leave the country. LOL

I could easily denounce my right

If this was the case, waiting outside polling precincts for 4 hours. Surely voting has been automatic, I mean, counting has been automatic, but voting has been chaotic-ly crazy, 5 precinct in one room?! unlike the previous election I have been, 1 is to 1, is the process, making it more orderly. How do you expect people to actually know what to do--- counting the ratio of people that are educated with no education at all--- they need instructions, clear instructions, that --- they need to get a number first then wait in the waiting area to be called to avoid being cooked under the heat of the sun. Maybe next time, we could have a batch by batch voting.

It's summer and it's super hot here in the tropics--- making it a suicide to vote--- actually, one 28 years old boy died because of heart attack, while waiting in the line to vote. Is it really worth it?

My precinct 1105 A, holding area, waited for 2 or 3 hours before getting here.

Our pointing fingers with indelible ink. Damn, looks so dirty.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Comelec: Service Unavailable

For sometime, the Comelec website went down. Hmm.

Jenny from the block is funny

Photo Credit: freesillymovies
She's really good at it, from "The Wedding Planner' to
'Maid in Manhattan' to 'Monster-in-Law' to 'The Back-up Plan'.
Good throw of lines, witty jokes, well not witty, sounds witty, right timing
 mix of drama, but still funny. Good pair. Good settings.

I want my own Toothless

Photo Credit: freesillymovies
Nice story of how one thing could go the other way, because of misunderstanding,
or not understanding each other at all. Movie is for pet lovers, LOL.
I can't comment about the CG though, (you know why).
The start of the movie was kind of boring-y, but when 'Night Fury' or Toothless came in,
it became interesting. 

Saturday, May 08, 2010


(Transcript) San Andres Sport complex is jam-packed with people in support for LP Presidential bet, Noynoy Aquino.
The concert features hottest love teams like Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, to attract people.
Marian Rivera: (on the alleged Noynoy Aquino's insanity/psychological record) I am a PSYCHOLOGY, and I can see that there's nothing wrong with him, that's why I'm still on his side. Whatever they say.
*Well maybe she was just too perked up, she forgot that she was supposed to be a Psychologist. I bet she's laughing her ass off her seat whenever she hear herself.

Willie threatens to quit ABS-CBN

These happened days before voting period. There are more pressing matters but these are the top, things in our news feeds. LOL

Go Gogi Gui! Meating the Stars

We all know (well if you have read my blog) about my meat issues, the cube cuts, especially. The last meat quest was Coco Adobo--- pork stew. And then my aunt prepared a taste drive for her Korean grill recipes--- Korean grill which suggest lots of marinated meat (like beef, pork and chicken), hmm, well I can tell you it’s worth the cheat (or no not cheat because I am not vegan, just of sort).
Most of the dishes were out, prepared on the table; Kong-Kongs were eating already (and heard that they never left the table) and from my first glimpse of the food prepared--- I thought to myself--- I am a dead meat. LOL. Not in that bad sense okay, it’s just because there’s so much food, it was overwhelming.
When we were all rested in our respective seats, our first course (which was not appetizer, the taste drive only goes straight to main, and we love main dish) were placed for us to devour. I refrain from taking the pork and instead took the chicken barbeque---
The chicken is the better version of that one in Mang Inasal Bacolod, maybe because the chicken wasn’t commercial--- a choice cut. It doesn’t have those annoying little bones and litid that interrupts your juicy munch of the mix dulcet taste and smoke from the burnt marinade. I enjoyed one and left the other so I can stuff myself with other delectable.

Okay, here’s a very revealing thing--- okay not revealing (I am doing the advertising copywriting again), but yeah, I guess this made me see beef in a new perspective (but I highly doubt that it would be a staple to my un-healthy-healthy-diet)
Meet the Korean beef stew--- hmm, sweet killers, sweet with little kick, but I’ll tell you about the MEAT, meat the beef, soft that with every bite it melts (figuratively and literally) and as it does you can taste its sweet and spicy mix, with the sesame aroma to add to your appetite.

It’s rich in taste but doesn’t really make you that full--- more of still light because of the pressurized beef that made it luscious and the blissful smell.
Talking about blissful, here’s my bliss. LOL. Squid Chopsuey, it’s light, fresh, easy to eat, savoury flavours of soy, and sesame.
I think squids are tricky, I’ve had squids that are gummy and they really mess the dish. This one just had the right bite for the squid and crunch for the veggies.

The last dish that we have devoured was the Sukiyaki--- YATA!
---Supposed to be, but no, it needs a little hmm, editing with the butter gisa or sauté, but nevertheless the beef with it is a munch, it looks healthy, and it supposed to taste light but with that butter mass and of course the egg adds up to the saltiness (emulsifier).