Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I could easily denounce my right

If this was the case, waiting outside polling precincts for 4 hours. Surely voting has been automatic, I mean, counting has been automatic, but voting has been chaotic-ly crazy, 5 precinct in one room?! unlike the previous election I have been, 1 is to 1, is the process, making it more orderly. How do you expect people to actually know what to do--- counting the ratio of people that are educated with no education at all--- they need instructions, clear instructions, that --- they need to get a number first then wait in the waiting area to be called to avoid being cooked under the heat of the sun. Maybe next time, we could have a batch by batch voting.

It's summer and it's super hot here in the tropics--- making it a suicide to vote--- actually, one 28 years old boy died because of heart attack, while waiting in the line to vote. Is it really worth it?

My precinct 1105 A, holding area, waited for 2 or 3 hours before getting here.

Our pointing fingers with indelible ink. Damn, looks so dirty.