Sunday, May 02, 2010

Iron Man Singers

Almost the whole day at Greenhills, with some of the La Salle Pride: Vince, Richmond (with his cousin Syd), Gianne, Sean and Allen.

Before watching Iron Man 2, we head over at a KTV in Promenade, stayed there for 4 straight hours--- eating, and singing (well, singing part was left mostly with Allen, great singing voice + sugar rush, and Sean), but here's Richmond and Gianne with:

Gianne is the one with the sweet voice complementing Richmond's boyband boyish (uber) bass tone.
After, four hours of KTV, we head to the most awaited part of the day, Iron Man 2. Hello, Scarlett, rawr.

The newest addition to Iron Man, the new sexy-tary. The movie, hmm hyped by the title, but other than that, the only thing I was looking forward to was the Iron Man suit in a suit case form (because of Vince' enthusiastic impression of it, think it was CG, would have been nice if it was really real?!), and yeah, well Scarlett too.

Nicer fight scenes, since there's more too see in terms of the robot-thing, cyborg?!. Ending part is more interesting. LOL. Thor?! is it.

All-in-all, great movie, great company, great food, great day to spend away. LOL. Sa uulitin.