Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Hopes

I hope I can blog more often than not. I hope that business will be better.
I hope everything will be brighter. LOL. I just hope everything goes into plan--- I hope I can make it go into what I plan.
It's been a good year! Everything just keeps on getting better.
I am happy to have met new people and reunite with family.
Photo from left to right (1) Papa, Kong William, Ya JR, Aco [Christmas 2010] (2) Kong William's Birthday with Auntie Aida and family [Coffee Origins] (3) Coffee (4) Choco [Oct 4 Dec 24] (5) GFAPY [on my first attempt to organize dinner] (6) Chef Robert and (7) Chef Aunt Elaine [at WOFEX] (8) WOFEX Exhibit with Glow