Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Singles Dinner!

Leo (Mr. Nice Foods) holding the Aquaknox menu.
If we'll regularly have the singles dinner, no one will be single anymore. Meeting gorgeous women every night. LOL

Wuhoo! GFAP-Y Singles Dinner was a blast!
Leonardo Natividad (1/12/2010 12:02:03 AM): onga, parang mano po party nangyari (at one YM conversation)

Natasha’s King Prawns with Mangoes
(with organic greens, red onions, mangoes, and lemon garlic dressing); PhP300.00
When we talk about food, there's really no saying no. The house was packed with Chinese youth excited to meet each other. Good food is really the best companion while having a good conversation. Good thing that Corinne thought of an event like this, it helps the 1,000+ association members to be closer.

Floyd (Mr. Frabelle Fishing) and Corinne.
I had so much fun at my own table, deciphering Jim's Putonghua conversation with Gerard, listening (actually eavesdropping) to Floyd and Leo's business talks, and most of the time laughing at everyone's story.

Plates looking ransacked.

Planning the KTV night.

Leo singing Tong Hua.

Debbie singing her heart out.

After the dinner, we went to KTV, and here talents are revealed. Didn't know that Leo is a singer. Lol. Sam has a cool voice and so is Debbie. Just bad that I wasn't able to finish the ktv night because I have to leave early to finish a presentation, and left with Gerard.

(Please follow the link for the food reviews: charliechapsuey & unclank)


Cor said...

hindi kayo nag-invite sa ktv!!! next time sama ako:)

Charlie Chan said...

Corinne?! You left agad e.