Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gibo or Dick

There are two persons already that gave a good comment for Gibo and Dick:

From my cousin, Jeff: I'd say Gibo or Gordon, Gordon done's better at Subic, for Gibo, He's talking sense. Except for the commercials.
From my batchmate, Kelvin: hm.. maybe my vote will go to gibo or gordon. mas maganda yung may political will. chek mo din yung commercials ni gibo for me mas may laman yun. maganda lang yung recall nung kay villar dahil sa kahirapan ung pinoint niya. para sa akin mas maganda ung president na may kayang ibahin ang pananaw ng isang pinoy at ihikayat silang magsipag at makipagcooperate para sa lahat. hindi yung tipong papakainin mo lang, bibigyan mo ng bahay na hindi naman nila nabago ang mga sarili nila ganun pa din may bahay lang pero walang pagbabago hindi sumusunod sa batas at nasa maling pananaw pa din ng pagiisip. hehe

Here, he used his initials--- Gibo Teodoro, good one, Galing at Talino, but what is being said here--- all that DAPAT sentences--- we already know that, that it should be like that. What we need is a detailed how to.

Again with all the DAPAT, I think people won't understand that Gibo meant, to harness our talents, to make that change and to advance. And it is boils down to how will he lead us to do his vision.

Yeah, I hope so too--- that it is POSIBLE.
Now, with Dick, just ignore the name. He is all action. And Jeff, had a good point there, that he did a good job in SBMA, and other organizations that he's been part of. So we'll just hope that he will do a great job for the whole nation?