Saturday, March 31, 2012

At Brentwood

Bought a 1br unit at Brentwood Mansion, thanks to my dad's down payment LOL am able to get it, but still on 10yr payment scheme. Hopefully can finish before 10 years.

Still has lots of work to do, but at least I have the few necessary stuff in already, like the fridge, water dispenser, mattress, table for work and WIFI!
Then I got myself nice deal on the curtains which we bought in 168 Mall.
I want a few things, that sana I can get for cheap price, pero hindi! Mahalia Jackson!
Chair~ Source: Design Folder
Artificial Grass for the balcony :)
And an iMac would be perfect (next time, MacBook Pro muna)
Source: Design Folder
Parang gusto ko na ayaw ko ng carpet na yun.
Gusto ko palitan din ang wood planks.
More to come.


Terence said...

Very interesting post.