Saturday, January 10, 2009

Family Breakup

Doesn't this family had already enough of mishaps?
It's better to die or death that to have a broken family, but well, if we can't avoid--- let it be, the hell.
How in the name of God will I still believe in the idea of THE FAMILY (you can live without friends but not without a family) when with just this simple trial (death, strokes, Lupus), everybody will just snap off.
Families suppose to share their problems (well, but if you have enough problems yourself, you don't need to bother to take part on the simple problem the other member is having--- celphone lost (Tinnie winnie problem. Solution: pay. That simple. It's just money, money can't buy peace of mind).
Self- pity, is such a blah thing to feel. Anyone just don't have to feel it. Don't force someone to quit loving because you think that you are just some burden--- don't doubt their love for you--- they are doing what it is that they can do in all their power to take care of you, and keep the family together.
Let's keep the family sane and together. I hope the right persons realize this.