Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Moon Gush

An aftershock of the Post Christmas Photoshoot for Tomato:

With everybody

Director (me) with Janel (make up artist) and Mafe (model)

Auds doing the High Fashion pose

Me and Katz doing Brokeback Mountain. lol

Had been reading this book:

And it's making me all so into the story. I am feeling the characters' depression, excitement and everything, everytime I read something. It makes me, very involve, like I am in the story. Augh, I want to skip this story already. lol


Roanna said...

new moon is my fave book in the series. i like jacob black in the book haha

Charlie Chan said...

Yeah, I may like him... in the first few chapters hahaha, baka kasi I will be a bit irritated pag epal sya when edward comes back