Wednesday, April 29, 2009

KFC goes Healthy!

Okay! Don't panic, they didn't change menu or something--- like changed to veggies! lol They still have those junkies, we all love. They just added this cool cooler-like bevs, it's called KRUSHERS, nice name huh!? I will krash you! I saw and sipped it (At least one variant from many. So many)! and yay! It was goodness till the last drop/ sip. I got the strawberry banana yogurt (because I'm a yogurt addict, opps. forgot to post about the fro-yo madness last Friday from Hobbies at High Street). For my last words: Try it! it's fun to drink, it's deliciously healthy! Yum Yum!


redcute said...

Just want to say you have originality. As the Award shows says "Originality goes to..." in your line "...i saw and sipped it..." famous indeed. Oh well, its a good thing I viewed your blogs since, I didn't notice that ice krushed thing in their menu. Maybe I'll try it one of these days. No, I have a better idea thats what I will buy for you as a treat! Yipee!

Charlie Chan said...

Wahaha. Yipee!