Saturday, May 02, 2009

Trip to China Town's Cabinet

I scheduled a visit today with my dentist, Dra. Luzviminda Go- Sy. She's my dentist since god-knows-how young I was. I schedule an early appointment (2 months ahead of schedule) because I was already being bugged by my molar sensing cold, and I don't like it. So, did open my molar and removed the remaining calicium-whatever-fluoride-pink cement that's still there, only to find out that it's okay but I'm just sensing cold because it's starting to be tired (okay, that's the nerve saying I eat too much). Then the proceedure goes on, until the final verdict to just cement it again and observe. Of course after the saliva spills, there will always be 'chikahan' portion.
And then the best part of going to Divisoria China Town is on: Shopping!
Four polos plus one pants
Me and mom went to Cabinet at X29 2nd floor Cluster Building II, Tutuban Center first, to buy moi polos (es). They have limited stocks of Thailand polos. Okay, limited--- meaning you're the only one to have the piece here, unless they go shopping in Thailand (which I guess, won't happen in a while because of the chaotic situation there); one piece per costumer; one size per polo only. I have had really cute polos from Cabinet before, and now I went over as in one week wardrobe of new cute polos, plus one pants, all for less than Php3000.00! That's a great deal, ahuh! Thanks to the greatest haggler (if there's such a word) of all time, of course! my mom. If there's a job for haggling she would be the best fit for that.

Cute print on one of the long sleeves

Now I am excited to go to work, clothes makes me happy, to wear them makes me even happier. It makes me gloomy and dead when I don't have great piece to don. That makes me vain, right? Well I guess I am.

Okay P.S. before I end this, let me just say that am being overly business minded--- I offered billboard, LED spots and internet ad space to the owner while mom haggles. lol. She just promised that when her friends would need one she will text me, moreso when there's new stocks coming.