Saturday, May 30, 2009

Roro Left the House!

On Monday, I will not see this girl arriving at the office screaming HOT~ "Ang init!", anymore.
Won't see her when I turn around. Won't hear her rant about things. No one will ask me to go with her to Oliver's to buy iced tea or to Starbucks to buy Green Tea Frap. No one will ask me to go to Rockwell and see something. No one to have Jollibee dates with Chicken Joy. Will not hear her keyboards crack. No one to share panoxyl moments. No one to bug me to watch movies--- old ones. I will have no rant-mate anymore. No one to laugh with when we hear BLAGGERS, and buggers! Will have no one to talk to about creative things, new things. Will miss her gayness, gay songs and her google-ing naked photos of Cristiano Ronaldo. Will miss her cry-baby moments, when stressed. No one will scream out of kilig-ness for Patrick Moberg and hottie soccer players. No one to update me of Malaysian nuffies.
Will miss her Katinko. Definitely. Will miss the monggos she brings for me for lunch. The potatoes!


Roanna said...

hahah i will miss bugging you and tapping your back na parang unan haha charlalu charlalu you will never ever meet someone like me haha