Sunday, May 03, 2009

Reality: Slumdog Millionaire

All of my friends were pushing me to watch this movie, and thank God I did, because if not, I will miss half of my life.

It is written.

I don't want to watch it first because, I feel it's boring--- it's full of nasty looking things like slums and poop--- it's not a very good source of inspiration for me, seeing beautiful things, luxury satisfies my eyes, but then the movie proved me wrong, it was really rich in culture. India's culture was well depicted (I would mean the other side of India. I think this is what most of India is, if am not mistaken?). More or less it's what Philippines would look like in a movie too. It's most likely if not very similary to our situation here--- our TV stations have 2 or more game shows, in which people wants to win in each one of it, some just want to be on TV and make an announcement, find a long lost father, etc.. Shows like that gives them hope--- instant cash that will bring them out of the slums, but then I think with Jamal--- it's a search, it's not really the game, not the money--- it's finding himself and finding love, Latika.

Part to cry. A very touching scene.

Okay, all in all it's an eye opener to what really is happening, but then in the end, what can I do? What can we do to change this? It's not all about just watching the movie and realizing--- what it is to do next?

Then, music is great, love the jaiho (whatever the spelling is) in the end.

Apart from that I think Indian cinematography improved well, and story plot at par with other great movies.


Anonymous said...

Mistah!!! Alam mo ba nandidiri ako sa movie na to. Kasi nandidiri ako sa...err, Indians....(*tago na ko!!!*)

Sorry naman!! I am just being truthful! Hahaha. I know you of all people will undahstand.

Wala lang! Maganda ba? Indie film right?

Charlie Chan said...

Ahaha, I was just... well ehem, hiding that feeling too, kaya nila ako pinipilit. Cloyd told me pa --- kaya ayaw ko daw panuorin kasi it's 2 things lang daw--- racist or ayaw makakita ng mahirap--- kaya pinanuod ko para I can judge kung anu ba talaga, kasi I attempt na to watch it ten times na pero hindi ko tinuloy, this time lang. It's okay. It's not for me hehehe. Pero maganda.