Thursday, May 28, 2009


It's getting on my nerves already. We can continue to be patient, but after awhile of being patient, we can't help but just get sick of it, and say we can't and won't get a hang of it, because it's never right to fail. Fail and do/learn nothing about it, is the worst.
Just a thought on how to treat people:
"We always have to think before acting/speaking (well, a process where I still need practice), it's a must most of the time for almost anything. You also need to see people, treat them well, know your limitations or boundaries, be professional when needed, but most of the time, I really think, you should know them, maybe not on the personal side, but at least know something. Connect, show respect and you will be treated equally."
Incompentence, I don't know~ Trying to fix things is just hard when you are held up by obstacles (people who really don't understand, people who don't face mirrors)~ don't blame it on others, that's even worst.
Crappy service always ends up with a customer's change of preferrence, so don't wonder!
Thought on discovering new things:
"It's never an excuse that you don't know the stuff, because we can always learn. Learning is a continues process, and never ends."