Friday, May 20, 2011

My Trip to the City of Smiles: Balay Negrense

Upon entering the plane bound to BCD, I was greeted by FAs in Ilonggo --- "Maayong Aga." Flight was not smooth, I hate the take off part. But one-hour-bumpy plane ride was worth it---

Don Anton, fetched me at Bacolod- Silay Airport and immediately asked where I'd want to go--- have known me for 2 or almost 3 years already, I think he already knew I am fond of buildings and old structures plus food--- We went straight to Balay Negrense.
Window of the house turned museum.
The place had nice pieces of the past, you can feel how grand they lived, how life was then lavish--- the spaces are meant for entertaining guest, parties, dinners. I was left at awe to how beautiful the furnitures are.
But I am a bit sad to how it is being taken cared of--- the Balay asks for Php40.00 entrance, but then it is not that well maintained--- one of our subject back in college was Conservation?! or something I forgot what it was but it's part of our NatSci subject, and we were lectured by Gemma Cruz- Araneta on Heritage Preservation more focused on structural design and how it should be done.--- The place is dirty, dusty (did they also want to preserve the dust?!) no actual field guide, signs or captions are far dirty too. Sana ayusin nila polish--- just like the Balay ni Tana Dicang. Anyway got some good pictures from the house: