Monday, May 23, 2011

My Trip to the City of Smiles: Palmas del Mar

I stayed at Palmas del Mar for the entire duration of my Bacolod stay.

Bacolod have a great sunset, but we were not able to see it. I was expecting to see it at Palmas del Mar, but to no avail, I was always dropped late. The resort is situated at the edge of the sea, so you'll really have a nice backdrop for your wedding if you're doing it on a resort. I was looking for this:
I stayed on an Iberian suite, beside the main pool, which is shown above. The whole resort is equipped with WIFI, Cabled TV, phone lines--- so no boring time even you're not swimming. I just wished there were spa services available. There are several pools with slides--- at this time the resort is packed with people--- but you can still enjoy swimming without looking "sardinas" in the pool. (I didn't swim)

For the rooms, really cozy--- design-wise the Mediterranean Suite, caught my liking. The built of the structure plus the color will really take you to Espanya or Italia.
As for the Iberian suites, I am not quite sure how it is Iberian, as Iberian design is on colors of yellow ochre, maybe theme is on the interiors.
The rooms are big enough to fit 6 persons in this suite. Rooms are goo no doubt as Palmas regularly do renovate their suites. We'll now talk about the services like FOOD, if I wasn't picked up everyday, I would starve here--- definitely not a must try---food in the hotel suck. I ordered my favorite Carbonara and Fries. Maybe the cook doesn't know 'al dente' to saggy. Spaghetti noddles are saggy, big bloated tubes already. But let's just forgive that, and then the sauce came in bland--- and it is expensive for a 'carinderia' type of food--- I can order that at Php60.00 in our school canteen and it will still be tasty with small meat balls.
Aside from the food, well, everything seems to be fine, would love to bring family here, enjoy the atmosphere near the beach with good view of sunrise and sunset. Great of company outings big rooms across the other hall.
*Plus, they also support artists--- you can do you art exhibits at the resort. Just call in for the details.

If you would like to check in the details, visit their website:
Call Raymund Malapitan/Asst Resort Manager for the best packages at (034) 434 7971 to 72 or 09227474254

* Disclaimer: I sent a LOI to Palmas del Mar, so I can feature them on this blog, in return they gave me one day free accommodation.