Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Trip to the City of Smiles: Mu Shu Asian Restaurant and Lounge

Mu Shu, nicely lit resto somewhere in the middle of two odd establishment (if I remember right, it was dark, we came in for dinner) red color here and there. It was still early --- the lights are still bright, but it dims as party mode strikes to be a lounge. Good feature that it can transcend from a family-friendly dine-in place to a 'barkada tambayan'.

Off to the food---
Angus Beef Tapa. I have no complain. It is divinely tasty, cut perfectly.
I am a Tapa addict, I can eat Tapa everyday, 3 times a day.
Sweet. Sour. ---Salty.
Then came the dish that made me eat LECHON--- I heard from Don Anton that it's Peking Duck, and so I picked one and then another, after sometime I asked again--- 'Ang sarap ng Peking Duck, saan galing?'--- They laughed--- it's not a duck--- It's LECHON.
Pritchon Php 145 (5pcs.)It is crunchy, tasty, not oily and it felt fresh.
Now I would love to eat Lechon again as long as it is wrap, so I wouldn't know it is Lechon.
Forgot to take a picture of the Beef Stew, it smelled so deli and I am so hungry,
that I just took this for my Twitter. It is the left bottom portion of the photo.
But it's tasty enough for me--- Gerard and Raquel were arguing that the beef didn't absorb the marinade. Cooking time and process would really matter to make it tasty, but nonetheless if you're hungry this would do at least it is succulent soft, yes, and thick sauce tasted different from the stews here in Manila.

The dinner ends with---

Visit Mu Shu Restaurant's website: www.mushubacolod.com