Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BB Pearl went diving: OtterBox Commuter

Yes, and because my BB Pearl went diving (it fell!!! on the ground!!!) when I was in Bacolod--- I had to buy (I had to ask dad) if I can buy BB an OtterBox for total protection. I went to Greenhills before the trip to look for one, but only to find a Capdase Silicone that doesn't really fit BB--- and so I didn't buy--- that moment I truly regret, if I'd only bought that Capdase, BB won't have scratches now.

The OC that I am, I had to cover the scratches so I won't be bothered---
Okay, I just had to, I just had to, looks awkward.
But in a week time my OtterBox will come via FedEx. Yahoo.