Thursday, April 01, 2010

Coconut Sugar in Low G.I. Diet

Okay I'm not writing this because I am selling a product that has low glycemic index, but I am telling you this because I want you to try the diet--- lifestyle.

Having a low G.I. diet, is very good for you, I mean not just for the diabetics but also for you, for everybody. The G.I. index levels has already been used for other popular diets like, South Beach, Transitions, and Nutrisystem by Nourish Diet.
Now, I'm excited to tell you about the product we are selling, Coconut Sugar, it's a breakthrough from the research of the PCA (Philippine Coconut Authority) way back, but it's just in these recent years that the coconut plantations done little marketing efforts (when I say little, it's very little) to distribute it locally as it is very expensive for the local market. It has been pretty much available in the international market a few years already, U.S. and Japan were probably the top consumers. I think the reason is that diabetic, obesity, and heart disease rates in those countries are high.

Did you know that Asians or Hispanic descents have high risk to have diabetes? Yes, Asian, it's something about our blood, and I guess it's just a proof that most of the Chinese families I know are diabetic, including ours--- but ours I think is a little bit different, we have it genetically/hereditary, but more important is--- lifestyle--- Type 2 DM. While Type 1 DM can't be avoided, but surely can be regulated through proper diet and control, Type 2 DM on the other hand can be avoided, and also through diet.

Diabetes also have connections with high blood, heart attack--- my dad was a victim of high blood + high sugar = heart attack. He didn't know that he was having a heart attack, until his tongue started dropping, paralyzed arms, and the it was diagnosed as stroke. It was a very scary scene--- but luckily everything went back to normal (not that normal normal, he would still have weak muscles) thanks to the therapy and the diet he took (the cocosugar has not yet been in his diet at this moment but I think it is rich in fiber, mostly greens and fish).
Cocosugar was introduced to me by Anton Consing, one of my friend which family is into sugar. He gave me researches about the product and made me curious about it and its benefits, more so because the sugar came from coconut tree, that as we all know is called as the 'Tree of Life' here in the Philippines, because all its parts, I mean most are very useful and have healing benefits. If you remember the introduction of the coconut virgin oil--- believed to make you look younger, the coconut juice--- believed to cure UTI or urinary problems, and others. Now, this coconut sugar, which has a low glycemic index of 35 is practically low enough to not increase or at least promote high blood glucose levels or repeated glycemic 'spikes'--- food/diet with low glycemic index produces glucose more slowly and steadily. I read some information regarding this in wikipedia,,, but most importantly --- Food and Nutrition Research Institute thru DOST.

If you want to try the cocosugar and reap from its benefits (really very good, my mom even got addicted to this stuff already, that she literally eats the cocosugar straight out from our sugar dispenser) you can place your orders at or call me at +63 922 830 68 30. We have available 1kg, 500g, and 250g.

*All scientific information included in this article are not from my personally conducted experiments. These are only gathered information, from offline and online libraries and articles.