Friday, January 21, 2011

Green Hornet

Shit! It was hilariously ass-kicking-fun! Seeing Jay Zhou do his regular Kung Fu smart fighting style with a little bit of comedy is so Jackie-Chan-funny, I think even better or at least at par. So cool with the English- Chinese accent. It should be Kato is The Green Hornet instead. He does all the cool stuff, while, what was the other character's name again? Yeah, right Britt, just have the money, and does the crazy-lame role.

I am not familiar with the Green Hornet's story, but I am aware of it. So my judgement are clouded by my being fun of Jay Zhou. LOL.

Really cool cars, those Black Beauties. With a movie with less CGs, this is really pretty nice, I can feel that vintage-y scene, just like that of the old Batman series--- Kapow, etc. in big splashes, but it is manifested as red flashes thru Kato eyes this time.
Seth Rogen as Britt Reid and Jay Zhou as Kato
Kato was once a Filipino, because he was just referred to as Oriental. Read more about it on Wikipedia.
Kato role was first to be played by Stephen Chow, but then he dropped out and was replaced by another Zhou, Jay Zhou.