Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"We Shall Prevail" King George VI

The King's Speech is absolutely fascinating. It made the monarchs look like normal people--- it made the monarch closer to the mass, just what I think the monarchy is doing right now (issuing transparency with Royal Household expenses, more public sitings, Youtube Channel, yes Youtube).
Colin Firth can now be listed with the likes of Cate Blanchett and Helen Mirren, who have both mastered being a Monarch. Well, not that he is not great with his other movies, he has shown exemplary talent during his role as a homo-single man in Single Man, but this one is rather different because you have to imitate--- everything, mannerism of the real person you are playing.
Well, Helena Bonham Carter--- who played the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth--- is just being herself. She's just great. I can't even forget the first film I saw her--- Merlin, as she plays Morgan Le Fey.

Update: (Something I said to Germaine that should be included in the review, just realized)
'I was watching the Youtube Royal channel, and some docus about the Queen sa BBC A Year with the Queen~~ then napanuod ko sa Golden Globe and nacriticize sya for being boring so pinanuod ko lol. I didn't realy understand the speech medyo stammering parin kasi and yung chop ng words di tama, pero it did inspire people, so I guess that's how powerful and important the speech of the king to the people.' -Charlie Chan, Facebook