Sunday, March 29, 2009

Little Shopping

Had to pay Meralco bills, so I asked my sister to join me--- then did a little trip down every shop in SM The Block and TriNoMa.

Some of my purchases are here:
Xio Di, a book by Yu Hua, I am fond of reading Chinese stories written by Chinese authors. I didn't know that I already knew Yu Hua before seeing this:

Gong Li in To Live written by Yu Hua and directed by Zhang Yi Mou.

Chinese written books are well described (full of very scenic adjectives)--- more so if they were written originally in chinese--- they spell a different story, a little childish for others, but it really takes you wherever the plot is.
Here's some of my favorite Chinese books:

Here's another of my shopping stuff:

These are Hush Puppies Loafers/Driving shoes, Bench printed shirt, and Bench Mobo boxers. I was only meaning to buy a new pair of shoes and a bag, but well Bench is the bestest, affordable-st thing can buy when you a a shopping panic attack--- i really wanted that Zara-TRF jacket but it's for P2,750.00 and it's hot here--- meaning can't where it at all.

We have to squeeze in the little spaces left to walk--- okay maybe crawl--- because TriNoMa was so--- full of people! Nope, not what you're thinking--- no sale at all--- the rally was because of 'Second Hand Serenade', because of this man: