Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Get Well Soon Gift for Dad

I was to meet Janel at Trinoma for dinner last Monday. I was kind of late, because I have to finish something but lucky enough Janel was also late.

We were in a hurry then, to finish my errand, to buy a stress ball or massage ball, for my dad. Then went to National (well, at first I didn't know what it was for) for Janel's gift for my dad.

Janel was always this thoughtful girl. We first meet in college, I was sitting infront of her and Jordan along with Jovel--- eavesdropping scene--- and then had a big fight (because of me) and then the rest is history. lol

She always thinks of everybody, she knows how to care--- (Martha's condition), she visits every cousins confined at the hospital, she never regrets doing anything, she loves adventure, and spontaneity. It always feels at home with her--- plus she is Chinese.

Janelle Anne Go, my dad wants to thank you, 'ho cha daw yun Belo'.


Janellibee said...

eeeeeee... charlie...... ur shooooo shruweeeeeet. =DDDDDD - JANEL

Charlie Chan said...