Sunday, November 23, 2008

Out with the Old

Am I losing it?
Oh my god! Don't tell me I'm losing the creative juice. Augh. Crap.
I'm running crazy these past few days, emo for a moment, angry for a sec., just disturbed every hour. What's happening?! I can't explain it. Is this the result of working? working in a box.
Hmm... Then I thought of what I imagined Nuffnang office in Highstreet would be, when I first applied. The logo was very attractive, cute, creative design--- presents a very distinct blogger attitude. Then I imagined a place of light blue hue, orange pastels, pinks and yellow green. There would be coaches and pillows, cute ottomans, bean bags, and a Nintendo wii. Playful atmosphere of just like being at your nifty place at home. Well, of course I am not a Nuffie but an Outcommer, this wouldn't be a valid suggestion or rant over the Nuffnang admin, will it?
Hmm. *deep sigh* I'm just bored. I can't think of anything now. I can't think of anything crazy to put in the VidMag. I can't think of anything good. I want to see good stuff. Gold or whatever. DVD? anyone? I haven't watched any good shows lately, cause I have to sleep early--- don't ask me, I don't want to be late okay! Half of my salary would be deducted--- so better not watch anything (watching, which helps me think of good things, be inspired) and be early, have the whole of my salary (but give them just shit things, uninspired things, kasi they won't allow me to take a flexi time naman when I suggested it). It's still not my fault, if I give them just just product of my mind. Grey matter fuels my mind (just like Mr. V. Velez thought us).