Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spying Over Burn After Reading

Woah! Nuffnang's first movie premier next Tuesday!

Knowing about the news, went me gaga over things that we can do for the movie, like planning for the possible invites or events that will take place--- marketing stints.

I was more excited to do the promotional for the movie Burn After Reading than watching it, really, because I'm not a Brad Pitt fan nor a fan of George Clooney, so the hell with the movie, I just want to make the first Nuffnangers' Movie Premiere, a premier event that other bloggers will definitely envy.

On the movie part, well of course, I don't want to be left out, lol. I saw the trailer when me and my friends watched Chanting in Robinsons MovieWorld, and yeah! (spoiler) seeing Brad Pitt doing silly things made it very interesting for me to get a little excited, well because it's very rare to see Pitt do a movie out of his comfort leading man roles.

The movie is a great watch for people who loves spy movies--- it is complete with comedy and itsy bitsy sexy... scenes, yeah! well you can't stop it, we have two of the sexiest man in the world in one movie.


Mich Guevara said...

hello! hope to see you there!