Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ch-Eating Together

Here's Camille and the mister-y man! lol
Friday night is dinner date with friends from the office! Bubba Gump! Yehey! I missed Bubba Gump so much!

Camille has a libre coupon from Bubba, that's why we opted to eat at Bubba, and since we're all from the North, we decided to eat at Bubba Trinoma!

Cool ordering style!

I miss Janel, Cajun Shrimp, Popcorn Chicken? and Sweet and Spicy breaded Shrimp

Mystery Man's hand, proof of being matakaw

A fun night, we went for a little walk, and then went home full! except for me who's still starving.


Roanna said...

haha yan pala si mystery texter? hmmm bagay nga noh...sabi na nga eh..

Charlie Chan said...

ahaha, iba si mystery guy at si mystery texter, alam mo naman si camille playgirl hahaha

camille said...

no comment.