Friday, November 21, 2008

Guess What?


Lol, an accidental event for me and Camille. Too bad I left my camera today.

JAL gave us the pass to Guess by Marciano: Denim is our World Fashion Event, at Club Ascend tonight, good thing that our office is just few blocks away.

The event was organized by Saga, Robbie/ Robby Carmona's event company. It was also an open bar, so drinks are pouring endlessly.

We met someone, Monica (potential client) from MTV (Pilipinas?!) because we are laughing too hard--- model craze lol, as she was also eyeing not for the denims but the models.

Dolly Ann Carvajal was also there, and even asked us if we knew the model, because we were beside them, lol, don't ask me what we're doing beside them.

One lesson I have learned from this experience: Never to dress down in the office.

Brent Javier is also present.

I was asked to report about new form/ medium--- and suprisingly in the most unexpected place I will see pa my new medium research! lol