Sunday, November 02, 2008

House- pitalized

My dad had a mild stroke and he was admitted at Chinese General Hospital (Chung Gen Pi Chu). He was under observation for 3 days by Dr. Cabral- Lim and his Endo Dr. Lim- Alba. He underwent several tests like CT, ECG, etc. Blood clot was found on the right part of his brain and will undergo oral medication for that--- Aspirin. We were advised by the doctors to always be alert because this might repeat again and the next attack might do bigger damage.

This is another challenge for our family (first, Mama Aty passed away, then Ahco has a liver or kidney problem, then this) but we know that God is just keeping our family even closer. I think what happened to my Mama Aty did well for my cousin. Now, he is back with the family, and appreciates and understands (and has been responsible) even more what is happening to the family.

We give our deepest gratitude, again, to our family and friends who gave their support and positivity to make my dad’s feeling, lighter.

If there is one thing that I have learned from everything that is to value time, value what is 'now' with your family bacause you can never tell what happens next, but you know what is 'now'.

Now, he is at home, trying to work it out with a non moving left part of his body. He is house-pitalized, and will undergo check ups after two weeks, and some regular visits.


Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie,

Are you talking about your DAD?...I am a good friend of your dad. How is he?....

Pardon me if this post was old and I misunderstood the date...


Charlie Chan said...

Ah no, this is a recent post, he is now at home, recovering from the attack.

You can just text him, nakakatext pa naman siya.