Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eat Me: Snack Box

Early Halloween costume: Brokeback inspired F&H cowboy cut longsleeves

It's just this season that I ate KFC foods again, because I hate their sanitation system, their floors were always sticky and stinky.

A new product was introduced, it's not really new Product, as they already have the poppers/fries+fun/hot shots meal, they just repacked it into a carry box, called the snack box which is for Php 59.00, without drinks.

But Ayala MRT KFC served me this:

Sorry about the photo, I'm really was hungry and can't wait until I was at the office.

Where's the box I paid for Php 59.00, though I agreed to be served with such box. KFC management should supply branches with ample supply of the box, bacause that's the whole sense of buying the snack box.

Original packaging supposed to be.