Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spoiled Brat

Wearing white H&M Polo, gray Mondo pants, with rustic brown Wade leather bag.

I am a spoiled brat, yes, I know, or maybe just spoiled, because I try to act mature naman when situation needs it. I still allow myself to be babied by my parents.

Every morning, my mom still wakes me up, and to think that I am already 22 years old, age where you're supposed to be independent and all. She prepares my stuff, because I tend to forget things when I am in a hurry. She does it, and gets nothing, because it's still for me, I mean, the salary I get from working (which I gave to her, and will be giving her) still doesn't cover my expenses. Expenses are still covered by my parents, that's why I love them. Lol.


danes said...

Ako rin, spoiled pa hahaha.