Saturday, October 04, 2008

On my new at 22!

This is the first time I'm going to write an entry after one week (of not posting any in my other blogs: and well my first time to write as a Nuffie in blogspot, and first as a 22 year old young professional.

Yesterday, is a very happy day for me, October 3, 2008: Friday. It was my very first presentation as a working boy. I came in the office at 8:51 a.m. and turned the desktop on, to do my finishing touches for my presentation (at 2 p.m. with Ms. GM, Mr.EBR, Mr. JS and Mr. WHRB), then Ms. Tek (alumnae UST CAFA 19mahoma) called me because a meeting (it was only 9 a.m.) was called by Mr. WHRB. Shocked but prepared, I am. Got my notebook, pen and USB with me (unfortunately no laptop, yet?!). Yay, I came in the conference room and sat beside Mr. EBR with all the sales people.---

To cut the story short and reserve the details for confidentiality: I made my bosses love me!
This is a very fulfilling job. Passing by Guadalupe everyday and seeing Nuffnang 68 campaign flash, and seeing the ad posted at makes my heart go falter, because of happiness. Plus, I think I might take back other things that I have said in my August 14, 2008 post in my Livejournal blog, thinking that well, I am wrong, they know how to affirm/ assert people if they did a good job.
I hope people will just be happy for me and won't think of me as a competition (I take my job seriously, this is not a child's game anymore, see me work!). Ofcourse I need all the help that I can get, lucky for me my officemates are helpful enough.