Saturday, October 25, 2008

Torture Shopping

Who wouldn't like to work here, High street, come on! Nice ambience, great food choices, open spaces, and relaxing views. The only thing that's not nice here (leave it for blind item) is the temptation of shops, to really spend your entire money! Oh my goodness, can you imagine the torture for shopping addicts, if they're working here?

I am proving that I can go to the office very early. And here's the proof:

Still no one around except for Kuya Andy. If I were not to ride the service going to the office, I won't be coming in by 8:50+ a.m.. I will be earlier because I usually arrive at the station 1 hour before the 8:20 a.m. pick up, and sometimes earlier.


danes said...

Hey, why don't you take the jeep or the bus ahead? That's what I do. I usually arrive in Ayala around 8 pm. Or if tinatamad ako dahil super init lately, nagtataxi ako (Text kita kung magtataxi ako :P sabay ka na.)

danes said...

And yes, we do work in a very nice place. I already get a little giddy at the thought of Fully Booked hehe.

danes said...

Yes, 8 pm. Syempre. Don't you know I stay here like ALL THE TIME?

(May mga unan at kumot sa stockroom...)

Charlie Chan said...

I usually take the bus na, kaya I arrived mga 7:50 or 8 here sa office where I can take my breakfast, comfortably hahaha. Yum yum

danes said...

Ayaw mo mag-jeep? Mas mabilis sya sa bus :P (Pero syempre, aircon ang bus.)