Saturday, October 04, 2008

People Change, and it's Constant

kathleen cleto (10/4/2008 10:37:59 PM): happy birthday
Charles Chan (10/4/2008 10:38:03 PM): thanks
kathleen cleto (10/4/2008 10:38:16 PM): miss na kita..
kathleen cleto (10/4/2008 10:38:24 PM): ingats parati..
Charles Chan (10/4/2008 10:38:28 PM): hehehe
Charles Chan (10/4/2008 10:38:31 PM): anu yan text
kathleen cleto (10/4/2008 10:38:44 PM): ahehehe
Charles Chan (10/4/2008 10:42:23 PM): anu gawa mo sa buhay mo ngayon
kathleen cleto (10/4/2008 10:42:38 PM): wala..aral..
kathleen cleto (10/4/2008 10:42:46 PM): punta ka dec18?
Charles Chan (10/4/2008 10:42:52 PM): anu meron
kathleen cleto (10/4/2008 10:42:56 PM): sa bobby..
kathleen cleto (10/4/2008 10:43:02 PM): home coming..
Charles Chan (10/4/2008 10:43:04 PM): bakit?
kathleen cleto (10/4/2008 10:43:31 PM): home coming..lahat ng nakagraduate sa bobby..from 2001 to 2008
Charles Chan (10/4/2008 10:43:36 PM): talaga?
kathleen cleto (10/4/2008 10:43:40 PM): yup..
Charles Chan (10/4/2008 10:43:55 PM): thursday?
Charles Chan (10/4/2008 10:44:02 PM): may work ako nun eh
kathleen cleto (10/4/2008 10:44:15 PM): thuesday ba yun..hmmm..gabi naman e..
Charles Chan (10/4/2008 10:44:53 PM): hahaha
Charles Chan (10/4/2008 10:45:01 PM): maaga pasok ko
Charles Chan (10/4/2008 10:45:08 PM): better sleep
kathleen cleto (10/4/2008 10:45:16 PM): ok
Charles Chan (10/4/2008 10:46:00 PM): hahaha
Charles Chan (10/4/2008 10:46:15 PM): 6 uwian ko eh kaso ot naman ako lagi
Charles Chan (10/4/2008 10:46:22 PM): 9 ang pasok ko
Charles Chan (10/4/2008 10:46:36 PM): lagi ako maaga 7 palang dun na ko
kathleen cleto (10/4/2008 10:46:53 PM): ahhh..ok kaw naman bahala..

When I came in at BKA, Inc., 1997 or 8, enrolled as a Grade 3 student under the advisory of Ms. Repuya. I felt different, because I was from ESPS, a Parochial school, where people are finesse, or rather behaves well (quoting Roanna: Cultured people) (okay maybe a little less energetic unlike the BKAers). I adjusted but remained well- mannered, as I was disciplined and thought by my parents, etiquette. I grew even more differently from the people I knew from Grade three to Senior year, when I entered UST- Manila. While alot of them chose to stay and study in nearby colleges, I opted to grow somewhere else and braved the wild, to go beyond my comfort zone. Environment, and crowd was different from the previous. I can breathe new air now, and can say that I belong here (UST, took only USTET and no other ETs, for I know where I want to be). Miggled with people of the same interest level.

You can't blame me from loosing interest, being with my highschool friends. We can say that they remained grounded as I grew, mayabang. They watched melo-drama as I watch action- adventure.

I am not being ungrateful, and am not subjecting my highschool friends to mockery (that you know I always do) but I am just telling that even though we grew together as friends, I may want to or maybe different from them. I planned everything, I don't want to settle with cheesy stuff. I want change, development, action.

I can just see myself laughing at that said homecoming, and making fun of them as I stuff my heart with praises. And I don't like that idea, BKA thought me good things--- brought out the best in me, gave me opportunities to prove myself. Maybe I should come then, but what's really the aim of homecomings?

Homecoming, this is where people meet from the same batch, a get together, to learn of everybody's industry and ofcourse do business with them (assuming everyone's professional already). What's the use attending mine--- there are idk, nurses (unregistered ones, failed ones, undergraduates), engineers, computer geeks, etc. None of advertising.

I don't know, hate me but this is what I feel about it.