Monday, October 06, 2008

Post Birthday Celebration

Have been busy lately, so whenever I have time to spend (money and free time); I ask my mom to go shopping. We went out for my post birthday celebration.

My mom (well, my parents, but I'm with mom) bought me a new phone, which I can use in the office as a portable sort-of- mini computer.

Note: To be continued next day, can't fight sleepiness.


We had fun that day, tried some jeans and shorts (I am a size larger or two?) for office, it's hard to find clothes that fits me well. The transition from being slim to fat and from being a student to a working boy, takes a lot of styling tricks.

I bought a new gladiator sandals, and treated theselves (mom and sis) with their own glads.

This one is mine.

This one is for my shobe

This T- shirt is from Jewel clothing, Marunong ka ba mag- tagalog? My sister's gift for me.

Merry pants, lol. It's Christmas already!

After this shopping spree we ate up a cone of ice cream from Haagen- Dazs, uber fattening, can cause you diabetic, sugar rocket high.