Thursday, October 16, 2008

Miss- ing Moments

The curator of the outdoor art gallery, I think I know her from school. Simply posh look (green earth, lol).

Our Sales team (Apple, Sir Joseph, Jules, Janelle, and Ms. Carol) with OAAP Officers, Atty. Winthrop (Sir Troy) Banes (in blue longsleeves and black coat).

It's Nuffnang's first ad/client, and biggest outdoor art gallery in Asia's launch (by 2nd Media) in Fullybooked, where outdoor companies and organizations gathered to support their (2M's) advocacy to inform the mass about the environment's situation through art.

The event started with the buffet pica- pica?! dinner?! and as always, I was mistaken, again, for a girl. The waiter was telling me, "Ma'am may sauce po dyan." end of story.

The Sales' muses: Janelle, Ms. Carol, Juvy, Apple, and Jules. The faces of Outcomm. lol

Ms. Faith of Accounting Dept. in posh crispy light purple longsleeve with ribbon, and white pants and thin black belt.


danes said...

Boo, you guys left (tumakas!) early so we didn't get to have our picture taken :)
(the four of us anyway)

Charlie Chan said...

Wahaha, we did not, we strolled down stairs. lol.