Saturday, October 18, 2008


A conversation between me and HRAD, one Saturday evening regarding my mother's concern about my work.

Reply to HRAD

"Uhm, kc it's not me who has really the concern, it's my mom, kasi she's the one paying the bills. The concern is me working here sa haus, using our electricity and smartbro (load), for me, I told her it's okay lang for me to work at home, gusto nya that any work related stuff sa company na billed, yun ung pinagdiscuyn namin."

Sent: 08:09:36pm

HRAD replied

"Let's discuss na lang on Monday. Para mas mapag-usapang mabuti."


"Kasi, if you will work at home it's your discretion. The company is not obliging you naman to work at home. If there is something that you have to finish you can always work in the office so that yung electricitty and internet charged sa company."


Simple as that, so from now on I will not be taking any work at home, or even think of it, neither overtime at all. Exactly 6:00pm I will definitely bust off.

NO PAY, NO WORK: that is for extra hours.

They're just paying me for my 9:00am to 6:00pm working hours, so I will just work on those hours, to avoid conflicts with HRAD and other bosses.


Me, the islands and the world said...

that's how it is when working and it's actually your choice:) kasi, even if they don't pay you when you bring your work at home, most bosses recognize the extra work naman and you can add pogi points because of it:)

Charlie Chan said...

I think I don't need to do pogi point- works- cause I believe I am giving my 100% when they need something (proven my worth as a new employee, they even praised my work, being in the company for just a week palang then), and it's just a simple wish from a hard working employee, and it's not for me, it's still for them. I am willing to work at home, just that they should be paying the bills, how much would be left for me if I'm just going to pay the bills thru my salary because I want my work to be superb-- eh there's no OT pay as well.

It's a matter of being a responsible employer so that employees would remain happy with their work or working with you. As an employee, I always think of what would be helpful for my company, that should be also be for the employers.

I will just be contented for now, but let us see. Thru this blog I was hired, maybe thru this blog I will be heard, or might be fired.